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Airbnb and Holiday Rental

Hotel & BB

Once of the first things any guest will notice about a holiday rental, is the level of cleanliness. Guests appreciate the high standard of cleaning put into a place that they're paying to reside in whilst being on business or holiday - therefore ensuring that your property is left sterile and spotless is one of the most important aspects of your Airbnb or Holiday rental.

Owning and renting out your holiday home or apartments is time-consuming and stressful. We're here to free up your valuable time by providing you with an
affordable, professional service for your property.

Not only will you have all the benefits of having a professional, fully trained insured cleaner handling regular turnovers, you'll be assured a reliable, high quality service. 

Things included in our standard turnover

These are tasks that are included in our standard turnover.

Each Airbnb, Hotel or Holiday Home is different and therefore we offer tailor-made, flexible cleaning service packages per client to ensure you receive the most out of the service, based on your preferences and requirements.

Tasks completed in the Kitchen 

  • Dishes washed and packed

  • Toaster, Coffee Machine and Microwave cleaned

  • Fridge and freezer emptied and cleaned

  • Sink scrubbed and disinfected

  • Surfaces and exterior cabinets cleaned 

  • Furniture cleaned

  • Table and chairs cleaned

  • Glass, wooden furniture and stainless steel polished

What is included:

Trained, insured and screened cleaners

Professional Green Cleaning supplies for each clean

Post-Cleaning Images for Insurance and Security

Feedback reports on damages or changes

100% Happiness Guaranteed


What is NOT included:

Deep Cleaning during every turnover
Our Airbnb / Holiday Home cleaning option is an affordable option and therefore we do not provide ''over-the-top'' cleaning during each visit as this will cost a decent amount more.

This means that our cleaners may not be required to clean venetian blinds, air vents, excess limescale and the moving/cleaning of heavy furniture. You can request for deep cleans whenever you need one!

No unlimited cleaning options
We want all clients to have a customized cleaning experience for their property and we are willing to create and implement tailor-made cleaning plans. However, this does not include an unlimited amount of free additional services/tasks. 

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