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Keep your gym energized and sanitized

with our professional cleaning plans


Fully Trained and Insured Cleaners


Secured scheduling and bookings


Flexible, trustworthy


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All professional, green cleaning supplies provided

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Let's get your gym freshened up and sanitized

Gyms have a busy, sweaty environment and if they're not being regularly maintained and professionally cleaned, this can create a breeding ground for bacteria.

Reduces Risk of Bacteria and Diseases - Regularly cleaned equipment and accessories to kill bacteria and decrease contamination within the facility.

Saves money in the long run - continuous maintenance ensures equipment is constantly cleaned and checked 

Increased membership retention - individuals are more willing to select a gym based off its abilities to keep it's environment clean and functional.

High standard cleaning -

Our professional cleaners ensure all aspects of the gym are cleaned, from washrooms, to reception areas to all equipment and weights being used by members of the gym

Disinfected and sanitized - While we're still living in the era of COVID, now is more important than ever to ensure your facility is well sanitized


Standard Leisure Cleaning

Platinum Leisure Cleaning

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