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  Residential Cleaning 

Keep your home clean and maintained with our regular cleaning option

Our homes are our save havens, the place where we spend our valuable time with family and friends. One of the most important aspects of our safe havens, is keeping them cleaned and organized. 

You and your families health is an exceptionally important aspect of life. Excess bacteria and dust have negative impacts on our lives, whether it's weakening our immune systems or developing allergies. 

There's nothing as satisfying as walking into a freshly cleaned home, where the fresh linen is tucked neatly on your beds, your bathrooms have been fully disinfected and the kitchen grease and odour from the previous days cooking is cleaned.

Love Cleaning - Shaige Cleaning Services


Get a refreshing top up on a weekly basis for hustling professionals or busy families



Our most popular option for clients wanting fresh linen replaced and a decent bathroom scrub and disinfection


Once A Month

Just a touch of magic once a month to get the nitty gritty tasks completed and leaving your home pristine!

Why should your home be cleaned on a regular basis? 

There's plenty reasons why our homes should be cleaned regularly, if not for our health and well-being, but also for the fact that it's less stressful and time-consuming when your home is neat and organized. 

Air Quality
Improves indoor air quality by removing dust bunnies allergens and dirt

Reduce Stress
You'll have one less thing to stress about. We'll worry about the upkeep and cleaning of your home


Regularly removing dust and bacteria will protect your family from unwanted illnesses


Organizing personal items or tasks will be easier in a clean, functioning home. 

Healthy Immune

Regular cleaning prevents pathogens from suppressing your immune system.

You'll have more time to focus on your family, or your personal priorities

  What is included in our regular cleaning?  

While we know that no clean fits all homes, we have a standard regular cleaning checklist that we use as a guideline for what our clients can expect to be completed when opting for our regular cleaning services. 

Kitchen & Dining Room

  • General tidy up

  • Clean and degrease surfaces

  • Cleaning out toaster and microwave

  • Clean and disinfect sink 

  • Wipe down tabletop and chairs 

  • Degrease stovetop and exterior appliances

  • Wipe exterior cupboard and spills

  • Hoover and mop/steam clean floor



  • Make bed and tidy bedroom

  • Dust and remove cobwebs 

  • Empty bins 

  • Wipe down surfaces 

  • Polish glass and mirrors

  • Disinfect door handles and light switches

Bathrooms & Toilet

  • General tidy up

  • Clean and disinfect surfaces

  • Scrub bath or/and shower 

  • Clean toilet and faucet

  • Polish all glass and mirrors

  • Hoover and mop floors


 What is NOT included in our regular cleaning? 

While we provide flexibility with our regular cleaning, there are a few things which aren't included in these cleans. The following chores are not included in a general on-going clean:

Oven Cleaning

Fridge or Extractor Fan Cleaning

Interior Cupboard/Wardrobe

Upholstery or Carpet Cleaning


Cleaning Walls

Mould Removal

Additional Services may be requested and provided at an additional cost due to the additional time it will take to perform the service. The frequency of the additional service will be up top the discretion of the client. 

  How much does our regular cleaning cost?  

Professional cleaners which are fully trained and insured

Tasks can be customized to accommodate clients requirements

Trustworthy and reliable cleaners and services

domestic cleaning price


per hour

(including VAT)

Easy and flexible scheduling and booking

Secure bookings and payments

Professional, eco-friendly cleaning supplies provided for efficiency and ease

Starting at

  Reasons why our cleaners are best suited for your home: 

They're professionally trained to clean

Regularly supervised to ensure high quality of cleaning

They are vetted and insured

Continuosly upskilled

Flexible with cleaning tasks and bookings

We supply them with professional, eco-friendly cleaning supplies

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