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Office Cleaning

Keeping the well-being and health of your staff is a top priority. Not only will productivity be high to allow the business to run smoothly and efficiently, but you'll be able to organize and maintain the office easier with the assistance of our Professional Cleaning Services. 

Since staff spend majority of their days in the workplace, it's vitally important to ensure that there is a
clean, hygienic workplace for them to work in. There's nothing more disruptive and stressful than an untidy, dysfunctional office. 

You run the business and we'll handle the cleaning


Clean environment = reduces stress and illnesses within a workplace = Higher productivity


We provide a fully personalised, highly flexible cleaning plan that suits the desired outcome of each workplace


We pride ourselves in using environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions


We guarantee a spotless work environment which is bacteria and virus free!

Professional Cleaners

All of our cleaners are highly trained, screened and insured

Full Coverage

You'll be safe from flaky, absent cleaners. We have a backup team of cleaners available 


Competent staff who are able to provide the ultimate service for our clients

Air Quality

Providing your workplace with regular cleaning removes allergens, dust and bacteria that gather on surfaces and the air

 Benefits of using our professional cleaning services for your workplace 

Areas with the highest bacterial count in a workplace

Canteen Sink

Coffee Dispensers

Vending Machine Buttons

Desk Phones and Keyboard

Washroom surfaces and sink

Refrigerator Handle

Reception and Waiting Area
  • Neaten and organise any furniture / ornaments

  • Dust surfaces and furniture

  • Vacuum carpets and hard floors

  • Mop all hard floors with eco-friendly disinfectant 

  • Disinfect reception desk and office equipment 

  • Polish all glass windows and entrances

Types of workplace environments we service

Medical Facilities
Beauty and Hair Salons
Veterinary Clinics
Schools and creches
Small and Large Offices
Construction site canteen and office

A few of our Business Partners that we work with

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Booking your desired service

Contact Us

Fill out the ''Contact Us'' form with details of your workplace


We will view the property and provide a personalised checklist and quotation

Clean Complete

Our cleaners will work our magic in your workplace!

Sustainable Cleaning

Providing exceptional cleaning services using environmentally friendly cleaning methods and detergents

Our vision is to 100% green cleaning within the next few years, and we're just at the start. Majority of our cleaning detergents are naturally sourced, biodegradable and dermatologically tested

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