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  Office Cleaning Services  

Office Cleaning

Keeping the well-being and health of your staff is a top priority. Not only will productivity be high to allow the business to run smoothly and efficiently, but you'll be able to organize and maintain the office easier with the assistance of our Professional Cleaning Services. 

Since staff spend majority of their days in the workplace, it's vitally important to ensure that there is a
clean, hygienic workplace for them to work in. There's nothing more disruptive and stressful than an untidy, dysfunctional office. 

You run the business and we'll handle the cleaning. 

Benefits of using our professional cleaning services for your workplace

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  Dirtiest areas in a workplace  


Elevator Buttons

The busier the office building, the easier the spread of the lingering bacteria

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Keyboard & Mouse

Every employee has their own grime, skin cells and bodily oils that are left behind. This doesn't sound very attractive for office spaces where employees share desktops


This can harbor more 400x more bacteria than a toilet seat

Mugs, Crockery & Cutlery

Kitchen Equipment

Door handles

These dirty critters hold onto the door handles for dear life

All we're saying is the restrooms are ridiculously filthy after a long day at work


Whether it's in the excess food gathered in the kitchen sink or particles of feces left in washroom sinks

Microwaves, kettles and coffee machines contain plenty left over foods, oils and bacteria. Definitely remember to wash your hands after a trip to the kitchen

The items themselves aren't filthy, however, the methods and kitchen equipment used to clean them is more than likely the issue. Dirty, sloppy sponges and brushes aren't doing the 

Things you can expect from our office cleaning service

These are standardized services that can be expected to be performed by our professional cleaners. All businesses and office spaces are unique and therefore services and plans are easily tailor-made to accommodate for the businesses needs and requirements. 

If your business is looking for more of a personalized service, we'll arrange a meeting to discuss the requirements and provide you with a plan that fits for the business. 

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All workspaces are tidied, 
cleaned and sanitized -
Including electronics and 

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All workspaces are tidied, 
cleaned and sanitized

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Public Areas

Reception areas, meeting
rooms and all high traffic
areas are neatened
and cleaned.

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Corners, furniture, lights
and ornaments are dusted. Remove any cobwebs

toilet .png


Washrooms are
thoroughly scrubbed and disinfected



All surfaces are disinfected.
Appliances are cleaned -
including; the microwave,
and fridge

disinfecting door handles .png


High traffic regions are
frequently sanitized. This
includes door handles, light switches and telephones

glass and window cleaning .png

Interior Windows

Ensuring there's no pesky fingerprints on any interior windows, glass or

hoover rug .png


All rugs or carpeted areas
are vacuumed to remove
dust and dirt

vacuum .png


All floors are vacuumed
frequently to avoid build
up of bacteria, dust and

floor cleaning .png


Floors are thoroughly
cleaned and dried as
frequently as required

waste management .png

Waste Management

Waste is properly
managed from removal
to correct disposal

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