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Regular Cleaning

Looking at getting your home cleaned and freshened up on a regular basis? 

Whether you want your whole home or merely just the kitchen and bathrooms done, we personalize each clean for each clients needs

Once-Off Cleaning

Get the best of both worlds and pick between a General Once-Off Clean or a Premium Once-Off Clean.


Our Premium Clean is one of our most comprehensive services available.

Our Service List


Airbnb or Holiday Cleaning

Leave your property pristinely clean and welcoming for all guests with our Airbnb services.


We always do our best to accommodate each type of property and clients needs


End of Tenancy

Moving into your new property and want it cleaned prior to unpacking? 

Or has your lease finished and you want your security deposit back?


We've got a cleaning plan for any occasion


Post Construction Cleaning

There's nothing more tiring than all the excess dust, powder residues and building leftovers that needs to be cleaned. 

That's why we'd always recommend hiring professional cleaners to do the job efficiently. That is why we're here. 


Office Cleaning

Keeping your office clean and presentable is not only vitally important for the image of the business, but for the health and productivity of all the employees. 

It's important and beneficial for any business to have a secure, professional cleaner to maintain the premises.

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